Residents raising money for well-liked homeless man

Ulris, homeless man in Tongelere, fundraising campaign for mobility scooter
Photo credit: Studio040

Neighbours in Tongelre have started a fundraising campaign. It’s for a homeless man called Uldis, who’s well-known in the area.

Uldis has been wandering around the neighbourhood for more than a decade. Sadly, he recently lost both his legs and is currently in hospital. Earlier this month, police officers found Uldis, lying in a coma, outside the local Hema.

He had been there for hours in the freezing weather. The police took him to a shelter, where disaster struck. “He fell and was rushed to hospital by ambulance,” says Rob Janssen, who started the campaign.

Both legs amputated

“When I went to visit him there, he still had his legs. But his feet were completely black. That told me enough.” Doctors had to amputate both of Uldis’ legs. He’s doing well but is still in the Catharina Hospital. The people living in Tongelre want to collect money to buy Uldis a mobility scooter.

“Uldis is our friendly homeless guy,” continues Rob. “He’s a good person. He never begs, never asks for anything, always waves to everyone. That’s why everyone’s so fond of him.”

Settled in Tongelre

Uldis is from Latvia, a small country bordering Russia. He started wandering around Europe years ago, working in construction. He lost the use of his hand due to the strenuous work. So, he also lost his means of income. He ended up in Tongelre because he felt most comfortable there.

“This winter I bought a beautiful white scarf. I walked outside, and there I saw Uldis. So, I gave him the scarf. That made him happy,” says a resident says. She also donated toward the mobility scooter. If she could, she would visit Uldis in hospital.

The news about the fundraiser and the involvement of the neighbourhood have done Ulris good. Almost €3,900 has been raised so far. You can donate too, here.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven


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