End of Storm Darcy paves way for an early spring feeling

Photo credit: Pixabay

On Monday, a weather warning was issued for icy conditions. However, it seems winter is beginning to wane. Temperatures of up to 15°C can be expected for the upcoming weekend.

The week started off with a gloomy, rainy atmosphere, and night-time temperatures could remain chilly, going as low as 3°C. This means residual snow and frost may occur and caution is advised for slipperiness on the roads.

Goodbye winter
The outlook for the rest of the week is more promising. “On Tuesday, it will be pleasant with 10°C. Towards the end of the week, daytime temperatures may even rise to 15°C. With the sun breaking out, a spring-like atmosphere is a given. ‘’The sun is already getting stronger and we will notice that”, says Wouter van Bernebeek of Weerplaza.

Translator: Seetha
Source: OmroepBrabant

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