Animal Protection Service not to manage new shelter

Animal Protection shelter not to manage new shelter
Photo Credit:, Pranidchakan Boonrom

Who is going to manage the new regional animal shelter on the Kanaaldijk-Noord in Eindhoven? It is not clear. Animal Protection Service looked after this job, but regional municipalities have now put a stop to it.

According to the municipalities, the fee offered by the Animal Protection Service is too high. “The negotiations have not helped us in reaching at a market rate,” writes Eindhoven councillor Rik Thijs and the Oirschot mayor Judith Keijzers, on behalf of fourteen municipalities.

The new animal shelter should open its doors in six months. The Animal Protection Society is the only party that has put itself forward as manager. So the municipalities must now look for an alternative. The alternative party would then have to be responsible to take care of the stray animals in the region. They are trying to find an alternative.

For more than ten years there has been discussion about a new home for the animal shelter. The current location in the district of Tongelre is outdated and too small. Moreover, in the area Akkers many new houses are being built next to the animal shelter. The animal shelter will therefore also cause noise pollution.

The new building will have a surface area of 5200 square meters. There will also be an outdoor area.


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