Independent agency to investigate riots

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Eindhoven’s mayor, John Jorritsmas, has commissioned an independent agency to find out what led up to yesterday’s riots.

The agency has to map out the preparation and eventual implementation of the unrest. The mayor will then discuss the findings with judicial and police representatives. Jorristma wants a judgment at a strategic level.

He wants to know what course of action was taken leading up to the riots. As well as how information was relayed during the riots. And how they were scaled up.


“Looking back, I have a deep respect for the police,” said Jorritsma. “They and the emergency services faced a crowd of people, carrying weapons, who came to our city with a deliberate plan.”

The investigative assignment has been given to the COT (Institute for security and crisis management). The agency will issue its first preliminary findings in five weeks. Dutch railways (NS) and ProRail will also co-operate in the process.

The outcomes will then be discussed among the city, the department of justice, police, and emergency services. 

Source: OmroepBrabant

Translator: Seetha

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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