Eindhoven residents help clean up Stationsplein

Cleaners from the city cleaning service in Eindhoven have been busy since Sunday evening cleaning up the city after the riots. A group of Eindhoven residents decided to help the organization Monday morning at the Stationsplein.

From smashed windows, looted stores to smashed cars and bikes. Eindhoven Central Station took quite a beating on Sunday, during the riots in the city center. According to ProRail, there were tons of damage. Although much of the glass on the street and in the station, was cleared away Sunday evening, still there’s still a lot to do on Monday morning. That’s why a group of people from Eindhoven decided to roll up their sleeves.

Troop Troopers Tongelre
The group ‘Troop Troopers Tongelre’ had put a message on their social media asking Eindhoveners to help clean up. The ‘3 T’s’ is a neighborhood initiative to clean up litter in the neighborhood and to get to know neighbors in a casual way. They saw the litter in front of the Eindhoven train station; they decided to help. About thirty volunteers responded to their call and went around 9:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Residents clean city
Photo Credit: Miriam Frosi

Gina Makken, initiator of Troop Troopers Tongelre is ashamed of the damage in Eindhoven. She hopes this way to show that Eindhoven is different from what happened on Sunday. “I had to show that Eindhoven is and can be different from what happened here yesterday,” says Gina. When she saw, that about thirty people had signed up to help, she felt good. “I didn’t expect so many people willing to help, this also shows a picture of how Eindhoveners are.” Despite the chaos that lay there, it was a pleasant morning of cleaning up.

Jos Walravens of Ergon Eindhoven is grateful. He’s satisfied with how the volunteers helped them. “I never expected that so many people would come to help,” he says. “The cleanup went much faster because of that.” For today, Ergon is pretty much done at Stationsplein, but they expect to encounter some additional cleanup jobs in the coming days.

Eindhoven Municipality also praised the contribution of the residents in repairing the damages sustained by the city.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta


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