The Silent Film Festival will continue despite COVID-19

A scene from the 1924 film, 'The Marriage Circle". Photo credit: Studio040

The fourth edition of the Dutch Silent Film Festival (NSFF) in Eindhoven will take place this year. That’s despite the corona crisis.

That’s according to the event director, Daan van den Hurk. Only silent films are screened during the film festival. They all feature a soundtrack, especially piano pieces.

Because of all the anti-corona measures, the festival has been redesigned. “This edition will be slightly different than usual. There are some tickets for screenings at the Parktheater [and Pand P – ed],” says Daan.

“When those are sold out, there will be an online version. So, if you have a ticket, you can watch the film there.”

Virtual tour

The festival opens on Thursday, 7 January, with a special screening. It runs through to 10 January. The live stream allows visitors to take a virtual tour of century-old city films from across the Netherlands.

Tickets cost either €25 (basic), or €25 or €50 (sponsor and sponsor plus). The basic ticket gives you (digital) access to the entire festival. Different rates apply for physically attending the films in the theatres.

The Sponsor options make you, as the name implies, a sponsor. “Apart from our appreciation, you will be mentioned on our website, if you so choose,” reads the NSFF website. You can buy your tickets on the NSFF website.

Source: Studio040 and NSFF

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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