Scuffle about mask

A security guard and a shopper got into a bit of a brawl on Monday.

That was in the Jumbo on Boschdijk in Eindhoven. The shopper wasn’t wearing a mask. He became irate when someone pointed it out, and the security guard stepped in.

Someone in the shop filmed the short fight. You can watch it on It was quiet in the shop when the scuffle broke out. The security guard was slightly injured. Several customers and employees witnessed the incident.

‘Started behaving aggressively’

According to the branch’s interim manager, the issue began when one shopper asked another why he wasn’t wearing a mask. The man in question became very aggressive, so the security guard intervened. “He immediately started swearing and behaving aggressively.”

The manager told Studio040 that the situation was quickly brought under control. “We don’t want to pay too much attention to things like this”, he says. “There are always these kinds of people. I won’t change the way we do things.”

The police were on the scene very quickly. “We took the customer who refused to wear a mask to the station,” says a police spokesperson. “We question him and then released with a summons to appear in court.”

Source: Studio040 and OmroepBrabant

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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