No major fireworks handed in

People handed in mostly minor fireworks. Photo credit: Pleun Wolters/Studio040

There is a handing-in point for illegal fireworks at the Hondsheuvels sports complex.

By yesterday, people had only surrendered little firecrackers and stars. “Take it back for your grandchildren, madam,” Mark Drenth, who’s working at the handover point, says to a lady. She had given him a plastic bag.

He hands her two packets of stars with a smile. She takes them back in amazement and gets into the car with her three smiling fellow passengers. It’s not busy at this handover point at all.

Nothing major

Only a few hundred grams of fireworks were handed in yesterday; most of them, the less dangerous classes.  Nevertheless, Strukton’s Incident Management Team is present in full force.

The Eindhoven Municipality hired this company. They must ensure the fireworks are properly processed. “Once we received the fireworks, they go into a water-filled container,” Daan Claereboets says.

“It has to stay there for a week. Then we send it to the company that deals with there disposal. Those are the rules.”

Will people do it?

Is it naive to think people will hand in their illegal fireworks? “I can’t comment on that,” Mark Drenth says. “But it’s important that there are facilities to do so. If only for the sake of principle.”

People can still hand in their fireworks on 2 January.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven


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