Huge bicycle shed to be built

Photo credit: ProRail/Studio040

It will be a mega-storage space for 5,000 bicycles.

It will be on the west side of the Eindhoven bus station. The first design has been released and construction is set to start soon. Builders will be using recycled materials.

The current bike chaos at the station is a thorn in many people’s side. Racks are full, bicycles lay on the ground, and many are parked incorrectly. And more and more bicycles are expected to be added as the city grows.

Space for 10,000 bikes

The new ‘bicycle flat’, and parking facility on the station’s south side of the station, should put an end to these problems. Together, these will provide space for 10,000 bicycles.

Construction will start at the end of next year. The new parking facility will consist largely of recycled materials. For example, old train windows will be used. The doors come from old relay houses, which used to power the train tracks. And the facade will be built from old paving tiles.

ProRail, the municipality, and the NS are involved. As are the design agency, Movares, and architects, CIE.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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