Funds from the cabinet for road safety renovation

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The Eindhoven municipality will receive €650,000 from the cabinet to improve road safety in the city.

Five school zones, road signals, and several urban roads will be redeveloped.  “Eindhoven will grow rapidly in the coming years. Its roads will, therefore, also become busier,” says Monique List, the councillor for Mobility.

“We want the city’s inhabitants and visitors to be able to reach their destination safely. With the extra money that we’ll now receive, we can build the remaining school zones more quickly. We’ll also make the situation a bit safer in other places.” 

School Zones 

For children commuting on foot or by bicycle, dedicated zones contribute to safety. Therefore, the council will spend a considerable amount of money on renovating these. Initially, they’ll include five zones.

Once this construction is done, every primary school in the city will have such zones. Additionally, the council will renew pedestrian crossings, road markings, and signage.

Reclassification is intended to ensure that drivers of motor vehicles drive slower. Pedestrian crossings should also be easier. Areas include Grote Berg, Geldropseweg, Vlokhovenseweg, Willem van Kessel Street, Hendrik Staetslaan and the Alberdinkh Thijmlaan.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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