Large part of Eindhoven hit by power cut

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Photo credit: Diz Play (Unsplash)

A power failure caused thousands of people to be without power yesterday morning. The power cut lasted for around an hour.

Around 23,000 people in Eindhoven experienced the power cut. These people mostly reside in the city centre, Strijp, Stratum and Acht areas.

Energy provider Enexis has since resolved the issue. ‘There was a cable failure somewhere in Strijp,’ a spokesperson says. ‘A cable become disconnected from the network. Normally we can divert the power via another cable. But this time, the diversion caused another cable to become disconnected, causing more power failures across the area’.

Enexis say they have started an investigation into how the cables became disconnected.


Source: Studio040

Translation: Rachael Vickerman

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