Wedding planning in corona times

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With the new anti-corona virus measures, indoor gatherings are now restricted to 30 people.

This means fewer guests, adapted wedding plans, and even repeated cancellations. Some wedding planners have to go the extra mile to allow their clients to savour the pleasure of this milestone.

Bridal couples feel the pressure of the ongoing corona situation. The fun is gone while the wait seems endless. “You have been looking forward to it so much,” says Maudy van Leusden from Boxtel. 

‘Angry and disappointed’

“You see your wedding dress hung up, you may have already postponed your wedding once, and you aren’t allowed to throw a party now. Many bridal couples are disappointed and angry with the world.” 

“I do a lot of multicultural weddings. They’re often grand, with hundreds of guests. Nowadays, its 30 people in a venue with a capacity of 800”, says Elham Klaassens from Diamond Wedding Planning in Eindhoven.

Weddings planned for the next three weeks have been postponed, following the government restrictions on group sizes. Post-wedding parties and drinks seem a thing of the past now. 

Tough choices   

A 29-year-old bride from Eindhoven has, however, decided to go through with the ceremony. She and her to-be husband had already put it off since June. They don’t want to keep doing so.

“You can look at it from both sides. The sad and the happy”, says the bride-to-be. “The good thing is that you will finally be together and married. On the other hand, it’s, of course, sad that you can’t celebrate as much as you’d like.” 

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