Want to join the ‘Sustainocracy’ movement?

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Do you believe in Sustainocracy? Photo credit: Akil Mazumder/Pexels

“The world needs a new integral mindset to solve all the issues at hand.”

So says the STIR Foundation’s Jean-Paul Close. “Increasingly, the Sustainocracy mindset – Sustainable Human Progress and Democracy – is gaining attention. This foundation’s multidisciplinary regional co-creation format is contributing to this.”

Jean-Paul founded the STIR Foundation in 2009 in Eindhoven. It’s objective is to ‘redefine and implement a society worth passing on to our children’. He now invites you to participate in zoom sessions.

Every Tuesday

These may inspire you. Or you can share your experiences and own initiatives during the open dialogues. Close holds these every Tuesday at 16:00.

“We go for themes such as leadership 21st century and awareness,” says Jean-Paul. “Or 4 x profit, 21st-century entrepreneurship and breaking through walls.” He says they even discuss human rights and mutual self-sufficiency.

Starting on 1 November is ‘Earth Odyssey’. These are fortnightly online global meetings. These aim to attract people who are passionate and committed to a sustainable world of humanity and nature.

The foundation is also planning a two-day ‘Global encounter – Complex’ in December. You can visit the Sustainocracy site for more information.

Source: Jean-Paul Close, Sustainocracy

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