Highschool director wants ‘semi-closure’

The new COVID-19 mutation spreads just as easily among kids. Photo credit: Studio040

Highschools cannot sufficiently guarantee there pupils and staff’s safety. That’s according to Martin van den Berg.

He’s the director of Olympia, Huygens Lyceum, and Frits Philips Lyceum. He, therefore, wants the schools to be ‘semi-closed’. High schools regularly have to deal with pupils who test positive for the coronavirus.

The Eindhoven region is no exception. Pupils are then quarantined and further measures considered. Although there’s not a great deal of unrest among pupils and their parents, Van den Berg no longer considers it responsible.

“For pupils, it means the risk of an infection they can take home with them. For teachers, it’s also quite a problem. So do I think it’s safe? No.”

Measures already taken

Schools have now taken numerous measures. Pupils have to wear masks in the hallways and auditoriums. There are sectioned-off walking routes and disinfectants. The kids have to stay 1,5m from their teachers.

Van den Berg would like this to be taken further. He wants solutions like halving classes. One half at school, the other receiving online schooling. Coming to school every other day could also be a solution.

The principal says his primary goal is to prevent secondary education from going entirely into lockdown. That was the case in the spring. According to Martin, that’s disadvantageous for the pupils.

That’s for both their personal development and their academic performance. If there is a lockdown, the schools will be prepared by now. Lessons will be better than during the first wave.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob


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