Here’s some of what’s on at Dutch Design Week

Part of the Ikea Virtual Greenhouse exhibit. Photo credit: DDW

This year’s Dutch Design Week (DDW) may be entirely virtual, but it is just as exciting as in previous years.

The 19th DDW’s theme is ‘The new intimacy’ –  the search for new forms of intimacy. There must be a new balance. Especially in a time in which, partly due to Covid-19, people have started to relate differently to each other. And to the world around them. Designers show how we can relate to each other and the world in this new reality.

Dutch Design Week has put together seven highlights for our readers.

Flesh Quake

Fleshquake is a video project. It’s not only about freedom of movement and beauty idealisations. It’s also about the critical society. This stems from the desire to challenge and question Western notions of beauty, normality, and decency.

The Self Design Academy

Who are we and who do we want to be? Driven by the lucrative self-help industry, we polish our identity and image. That makes all of us self-designers – there just wasn’t any training for this. But, now with the Self Design Academy, there is.

The Fashion Tech Farm – inspired by LABELEDBY

Discover the latest innovations in textiles and fashion led by fashion industry change-makers, Jessica Joosse and Fabienne van der Weiden. Visit the Fashion Tech Farm to see all these.

New Order of Fashion

These are radically fresh ideas for a sustainable, circular fashion industry. Among fashion graduates, the call for a sustainable and fair fashion industry is getting louder every year. Not only is there outrage about the exploitation of people and the planet.

The new generation of designers also wants to have a voice in the future. NEW ORDER OF FASHION offers a platform for young, recently graduated fashion talents. They have radically fresh ideas for a sustainable, circular fashion industry with respect and meaning for people.

The Ikea Virtual Greenhouse

In this Virtual Greenhouse, Various experts give master classes and lectures. They also advise on how people can create a warm personal atmosphere at home.


This is a contemporary, sustainable and interactive answer to the static street lighting we know. Is Sunseeker the future of street lighting in the Netherlands? The 500m pendulum of light modules serves as aesthetic signage during the day and guide at night. Sunseeker will soon go live at Victoriapark in Eindhoven.

Kazerne Design Award 2020

Today’s students form tomorrow. Tea drop is a project on sustainable water use. It received the first Kazerne Design Award. South African-born, Shaakira Jassat, was one of the ten nominees who recently all graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. These works can now be seen in Kazerne.

These are just a few of the events happening this week, until Sunday 25 October. Please visit the Dutch Design website for the full programme.

  • With thanks to Edwin Blok-van Enck of eindhoven365.
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