Political support for emission-free inner city plan

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A sign warning of unhealthy air, on Mauritsstraat in Eindhoven. Photo credit: Studio040

A large majority of Eindhoven’s politicians support the plans for an emission-free zone within the ring road. This emerged during a debate on the issue on Tuesday evening.

Almost all parties support the plan. In particular, GroenLinks, PvdA, and D66 are enthusiastic. “This plan will improve the health of residents. I can’t imagine that you’re against it”, GroenLinks councillor, Samir Toub, says.

The city council wants to see no more cars emitting CO2 and particulate matter in that area by 2030. Petrol and diesel vehicles will, therefore, no longer be allowed within the ring road. That’s a gradual process.

In the first few years, stricter rules will apply to buses and lorries. From 2025, it will be the turn of polluting cars. Nevertheless, some of the parties have doubts. These include coalition parties, VVD and CDA.

Must be affordable

They insist on this being affordable for small business owners and residents living within the ring road. Because of the corona crisis, many people are struggling financially. The switch to electric cars requires a substantial investment. “How do you explain this to people with a tight budget?” Marianne Buenen, of the CDA, asks.

“It’s good to take this step. But we don’t want the small business owners to be pressured by unaffordable ambitions”, VVD councillor, Tom Meylink, explains. In addition to affordability, there is also criticism of the momentum behind the council’s plans.

Opposition parties, Leefbaar Eindhoven and 50Plus, feel the city council is moving too fast. Geert Geerts (Leefbaar) says “I support the goals. But I have serious reservations about the time ahead.”

“You have to give people time to make the change”. The LPF is the only party that completely rejected the plan. “Car traffic is responsible for CO2 emissions only to a limited extent,” Group chairman, Rudy Reker explains.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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