Unusual car theft happened

Photo Credit: Studio040 / Pieter Buijs

Car thefts happen now and then. Often a navigation system or a laptop left in the car is stolen. Stealing a complete handlebar is uncommon.

During a night last week, a car was broken into in the Strobloemstraat in Eindhoven. The Audi’s entire steering wheel was disassembled and taken away. A police spokesperson says: “It’s often that airbags, navigation systems and catalytic converters are stolen.”

Thieves seem to be targeting at the more expensive brands, such as Audi and BMW. According to the police, there are groups of thieves who are moving from city to city. “We call that mobile banditry,” said the spokesman. “Those groups come to the Netherlands to steal. It seems as if specific parts are stolen to order.”

The only thing one can do about those thefts is parking the car in plain sight and make sure that no expensive items are visible in the car. It is also recommended not to keep the car keys with “keyless entry” too close to the front door. Thieves try to copy these keys with specialised equipment for accessing the vehicle.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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