Bicycle bridge Tegenbosch successfully placed

Cycle Bridge Tegenbosch Ready
Photo Credit: Eindhoven Municipality

The new Eindhoven bicycle bridge Tegenbosch was erected within six hours in the night of 29th August to August 30th. It’s near the Anthony Fokkerweg and  it spans no less than fourteen lanes across the A2 and N2.

Over the past few months, Dura Vermeer, Ploegam and CSM Steel Structures have built the bicycle bridge on the construction site along the A2 and N2 at Novotel. It was difficult to lift the bridge because it was too heavy. For this reason, with the help of platform trailers they brought it to its site.

The bridge is part of the new road structure in Eindhoven Northwest. It is important for improving traffic flow on the Anthony Fokkerweg. The current bicycle path on the Anthony Fokkerweg will be demolished to make room for car traffic. Cyclists can use the bridge for the first time by the end of October. They will then be able to cycle unhindered by traffic lights from one side to the other.

Tegenbosch Bridge ready
Photo Credit: Eindhoven Municipality

New icon for Eindhoven

The bridge gets it’s name from a historic farm in the area. It should become an icon of Eindhoven.  The bridge spans the entire highway in one go, without support points. Monique List – de Roos, city councillor from Eindhoven Municipality: ‘This bridge will really stand out, not only because of the construction, but also because of the lighting. You can see this bridge from afar. It’ll really become an icon for the city and this region’.

‘As users of the bridge, you’ll see how the colour on the bridge changes slowly,’ says project leader Hendrik-Jan Vennix of the  Eindhoven Municipality. ‘The railing reacts to the speed at which someone passes the bridge. That doesn’t work if a lot of people cycle over it at the same time. Then you see a kind of light show’.

Source: Persbericht

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering lessons.


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