The party Ouderen Appèl wants to prevent ‘lockdown generation’

Ouderen Appel wants to prevent Lockdown generation
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The political party Ouderen Appèl Eindhoven (OAE) wants to know whether and to what extent the municipality is prepared to tackle the increasing number of unemployed and poor.

According to OAE, it is clear that unemployment and poverty are rising.

Ouderen Appèl writes that before the corona crisis hit, there was already increasing child poverty, among other things. According to the party, this development will only get worse as a result of the crisis.

The unemployment is rising faster than before. Mostly, it is the less-educated, youngsters who are the losers. Because of these reasons, OAE believes there is a good chance that the municipality will soon ‘have a gigantic group of unemployed poor’. Other than the low-educated young people, the prospects for flex workers and self-employed are not good either.

Economic malaise
According to the group, this means that a lot of people will start claiming social assistance benefit. Ouderen Appèl therefore wants to know how the municipality is planning to tackle the upcoming economic malaise.

Lockdown generation
In addition, the group wants to know how the municipality is preventing the young generation with a low level of education from becoming known as a ‘lockdown generation’ – a generation that ends up permanently in poverty because it has lost its connection with the labor market.

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.

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