Brainport libraries receive half a million

Half a million for the libraries in Brainport
Photo Credit: Cafe in Witte Dame Library, Studio 040

The libraries in the Brainport region will receive half a million euros for a joint innovation project.

The money comes from the Regio Deal made by the region with The Hague. The initiative for the partnership should contribute to increasing the ‘broad prosperity’ in the region. The aim is also to involve those people in the region’s dynamic economic prosperity, who are underpaid.

The name of the project is ‘The Library of the Future’. By doing so, the libraries involved want to become more accessible to the residents of the city. They want to establish a sustainable connection with the inhabitants.

Albert Kivits, director of the Eindhoven Library, believes that this project is the need of the hour. “Not everyone shares in the prosperity of Brainport. That’s evident in their income. But it’s also evident in the number of social contacts that someone has- which is much lower than the national average in Eindhoven”.

“The library is pre-eminently a place where people meet, friendships between like-minded people develop, people work together and learn from each other,” says Kivits. “We see that happening in reality too. We can shape it even better if we increase the bond with the inhabitants. This contribution makes that possible”.

In addition to the Eindhoven library, the libraries from Best, de Kempen, Veldhoven, Helmond and Dommeldal, among others, are part of this project.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.

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