Stabbing Woenselse Markt: ‘Nobody did anything’

Eindhoven police
Photo credit: Politie Eindhoven (Studio040)

An eyewitness to the fatal stabbing on Wednesday’s Woenselse Markt is baffled by what he found there. “I shouted out loud: Help, who can help? But nobody did anything.”

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, saw from an apartment on the Woenselse Markt how someone was beaten up. When he realised that it was serious, he ran outside and called 112. The 28-year-old Turnhout was already seriously injured in the street at that time. The local resident desperately tried to mobilise the people around the victim, but no one did anything. “They didn’t even seem impressed, they looked at it indifferently.”

The sight of the man lying down, badly beaten, must have been pretty gruesome. Yet that was no obstacle for about two hundred people to stop and watch. There was even filming; the images circulate on the internet. When the police arrived, the perpetrator was turned away by other visitors to the cafe. “Get away, get away,” they shouted, says the anonymous resident. “Our upstairs neighbour has made a video in which you can see that he first quickly puts on his shoe, which he had lost during the whole situation, and then runs away very fast,” said the local resident.

Source: Studio040

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