CKE worried about influx after the summer

CKE anxious
Photo credit: Studio040 Collin Beijk

The Centre for the Arts (CKE) in Eindhoven is afraid that many students will drop out after summer. Director Karin Visser has made this known.

The reason for the worry is the Corona crisis. “The question is whether people will still be coming back in September. Are people anxious, do they still have a job, or can they pay for a course? In the end it is a luxury”, Visser says. It is also uncertain whether many schools still want to invest in culture and hire teachers from CKE. “In the future, the focus could also be on arithmetic and languages”.

A decline in the number of students has a major impact on CKE’s bookkeeping. To prevent acute money problems, the institution has received extra money from the municipality. This was part of the support package for large cultural institutions in the city. The CKE expects to make ends meet in 2020.

According to Visser, the CKE was ultimately hit hard by the crisis. “40% of our income is our own income, the rest is subsidy. It is in this part where we expect hard blows. That’s why we hope that as few students as possible will drop out”.


Translated by: Bob

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