TU/e Rector pleads for ‘more space for students’

Photo credit: Studio040

Frank Baaijens, Eindhoven University of Technology’s (TU/e) rector, pleads in an open letter for more physical classes for students.

Baaijens made this plea on the Science Guide website, together with 14 colleagues from other Dutch universities. In the letter, the rectors point out that personality building is the basis of university education. They say good education isn’t possible without physical contact.

They say online teaching also promotes inequality. After all, students with bad wifi connections or difficult home situations can’t study at their best. According to the rectors, this is disastrous.

That is why the rectors are calling for support from regional and national authorities. This support’s needed to make the campus more accessible again. On foot, or by bicycle, car, and public transport.

“On our side, we’ll be responsible for creating safe learning and working environments. We’ll heed the local community of which we’re so eager to be a part”, the rectors write in conclusion.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob


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