Residents not happy with planned street redevelopment

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Residents of Bogardeind 85 to 123 are in serious discussion with the Geldrop municipality.

This is about the sale of their houses for the street’s redevelopment. It has dire consequences for them – reconstruction means their homes will be demolished. Bogardeind is an important entry road into Geldrop.

Every day, 17,000 vehicles use it. A part of the street has already been adapted to the heavy traffic. The section between Beukelaar and Laan der Vier Heemskinderen, however, still creates a bottleneck.


There, the houses are too close to the road. This leads to unsafe situations and a poor quality of life for the residents. Many residents think the redevelopment is a good idea.

They just don’t want to suffer the consequences. The town council wants to buy the houses from the current owners. But the residents say they can’t buy anything else in Geldrop. Not with the money they’ve been offered so far.

“It’s a miserable situation,” says a resident. “The municipality only wants to pay the appraisal value. “You can’t buy anything for that in Geldrop.” Some residents are positive; others are digging in their heels.

It’s all still too unclear for the residents. “The council sent us the Bogardeind plans. But the relevant councillor hasn’t been able to see us yet.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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