Eindhoven to host Sport Weeks

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Sport does something to you. Photo credit: Philip Kofler (Pixabay)

Eindhoven is to host not only one but two Dutch Olympic Committee/Sports Federation National (NOC*NSF) Sports Weeks.

The Federation announced this today. Together with other host cities, Eindhoven will be home to this year’s, as well as 2021’s, NOC*NSF National Sports Week. It will be held from Friday, 18 September, to Sunday, 27 September.

These sports weeks aim to encourage and stimulate people to exercise. This year’s campaign’s motto is, again, ‘sport doet iets met je’ (‘Sport does something to you’). Sports in the city have been at a standstill for a while. Sports associations are gradually starting up again, according to the National Health Department’s guidelines.

‘We’re delighted’

The municipality’s Sports Councillor, Stijn Steenbakkers, says: “Eindhoven has shown great resilience during the past months. And, of course, we’re delighted to be a host city this year. I’m proud of everyone who’ll contribute.”

“Because there’s something for everyone to do in Eindhoven considering sports and exercise opportunities. Together with NOC*NSF, we offer sports and exercise providers a nice platform the chance to bring attention to what they offer.”

Richard Kaper, Sports Participation Manager at NOC*NSF, adds, “We want to show that everyone can play sports every day. It’s recently become clear how indispensable sport is for our health and resilience. For many years we’ve seen the Eindhoven City Council as one of the biggest sports fans, in the broadest sense of the word.”

Much investment in sport

“They focus a lot on not only sports and exercise with great events. They have innovative sports labs and are also into the new Urban sports. But, it’s also world-famous for its investments in swimming.”

“They do this hand in hand with many sports clubs, well-known athletes, and a strong volunteer base. A substantial sports infrastructure in Eindhoven is crucial. Active participation in the sports week strengthens involvement in local organisations,” Kaper says.

“In short, Eindhoven can position sport even better. They can show what has already been achieved and what future opportunities are possible.”

Source: Eindhoven Sport

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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