FNV Brabant concerned about healthcare staff

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“Closing the schools will have the necessary impact on healthcare workers,” says Wilma Peters, FNV director Zorg & Welzijn Brabant (healthcare labour union Brabant).

“It is clear that there is an enormous pressure on the shoulders of the healthcare staff,” says Peters. “The Cabinet has made the decision to keep schools and childcare available to employees in the healthcare sector, but the how and what is still unclear.”

The main question that arises is: who will pay for the extra childcare? “It is good that the shelter remains open for people in vital professional groups. But it is unclear who should pay for that. It cannot be the case that health care workers are now working their way around and immediately receive a peppered bill from the childcare center. No agreements have yet been made about who will pay for those extra costs.”

While it is certain that those extra costs will come. “We see that the flush is becoming thin in the private situation of healthcare providers. For the sake of convenience, the Cabinet assumes that partners can also take on a care task. But often that is not possible because partners must also work. In addition, grandfathers and grandmothers who often take care of themselves are also not available. As a result, healthcare personnel come in a difficult position,” says Peters. “We are now in talks with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to find a solution for this.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk


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