Don’t take the train unless you absolutely have to

eindhoven train station
File photo of EIndhoven Central

As the number of COVID-19 cases in the country reaches the 4,200 mark, the Dutch railway service, NS and ProRail, has made an urgent plea – Do not take the train if this is not strictly necessary.

The trains need to continue running to transport people in the essentail services. If you do need to take a train, keep enough distance from each other – at least 1.5 metres. This is for in the train as well as for embarking and disembarking.

This comes after the NS tweeted concern about the number of people using the trains. ‘For the safety and health of fellow travellers and our colleagues, we only ask you to catch the train if you really have to’, the NS tweet reads ‘The train is not there for a fun day out.’

Special timetable

NS and ProRail are taking measures to ensure that train-dependent travellers can continue to rely on a predictable and reliable train service in the coming weeks. A special basic timetable is, therefore, in force until further notice. This means that from every station in the Netherlands two trains per hour will run in all directions.

From stations where a train normally departs once an hour, this will continue to be the case.NS and Prorail have advised people to consult the NS Reisplanner or the NS app for the most up-to-date advice.


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