Corona help groups arise

corona help groups
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People are very willing to help each other in the bizarre times we have today due to the coronavirus. Many coordinated groups have emerged to bring supply and demand together.

Here you can find an overview of the groups on social media. Many are in Dutch but we see that in the groups there are both requests for help and offers to help in English. We also took a poll if there was a need for a corona help group in English amongst the internationals but the reply was mostly that people prefered to join the existing groups, also to emphasise the importance of getting through this together.

Coronahulp Eindhoven
General help and offer posts (shopping, sharing food, online services)
Their Facebook page.

Coronahulp Stratum
Stratum (Eindhoven) neighbourhood help
Their Facebook page.

Zorgsamen buurt Gerardusplein
Gerardusplein (Eindhoven) neighbourhood help
Their website.

Coronahulp Woensel Zuid
Woensel Zuid (South) (Eindhoven) neighbourhood help
Their Facebook page.

Coronahulp Gestel
Gestel (Eindhoven) neighbourhood help
Their Facebook page.

Coronahulp Tongelre
Tongelre (Eindhoven) neighbourhood help
Their Facebook page.

Samen voor Eindhoven
Helping elderly people
Their website page

Corona Durf te vragen/ helpen Brabant
Especially for Corona requests and offers in the province of Brabant
Their Facebook page.

Rode Kruis (Red Cross)
Overall help requests and offer matching, nation-wide
Their website

NL voor elkaar
General help requests and offers, a national platform with some posts in and around Eindhoven.
Their website.

Entrepreneurs helping each other
Their Facebook page
An existing platform, for organisations and private people
Their website.

Do you know more, let us know, we will add them here. (

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