1st COVID-19 death in NL

Photo credit: Gert Altmann (Pixabay)

According to various national Dutch media outlets, the new Coronavirus strain has claimed its first victim.

An 86 year-old man has died in a Rotterdam hospital. This, after the number of cases in the country shot from 38 on Wednesday, to 82 on Thursday, and then to the latest tally of 128.

Closer to home, two GPs in Best may have contracted the disease. According to Omroep Brabant, writes Studio040, one of the doctors is definitely infected. She and her family are in quarantine at home. They had been on holiday in Northern Italy. Her colleague is also at home because he, too, had been on holiday in Northern Italy.

No danger to patients

This GP and his wife will only get their results tomorrow. However, as a precaution, he is staying home. Neither of the doctors has been to their practices since their return home. Patients have therefore not been put at risk of infection.

And in Geldrop, the Ganzebloem primary school will remain open. This, despite one of the teachers testing positive for COVID-19. According to the school board, there is no reason to keep the students at home.

They have, however, said more attention will be paid to hygiene rules, such as regular hand washing. The building will also be cleaned extra thoroughly.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda

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