PVV wants to increase speed on the N2 ring road to 100 km/h

Photo credit: Studio040

The PVV or Partij voor Vrijheid (Party for Freedom) of Noord-Brabant wants to change the speed limit on the N2 around Eindhoven from 80 to 100 km per hour. The Brabant group will submit a motion for this on Friday.

According to a member of state Harry van den Berg, many motorists are already ignoring the current speed limit. “In practice, I expect little difference in the speed driven. It only saves a lot of sky-high fines, about which motorists are angry,” he says.

“Driving forward!”
Also on the N279 between Den Bosch and Veghel and the new N69-Westparallel at Valkenswaard, signs should be replaced with ‘100’ as far as the PVV is concerned. The party believes that ‘the nitrogen argument’ is negligible because the difference in emissions is virtually negligible. “We are in support of driving this forward,” says Van den Berg.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Nicole Cullinan


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