No. of free visits to the dump may be limited

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Eindhoven residents may have to pay if they go to the garbage dump too often. The first 12 visits of the year will be free. Each visit thereafter will cost €20.

This measure might be taken by the City Council to limit trips to the city dump. Self-employed people working in the construction industry arrive at the dump with full trailers. This is not fair to companies that do have to pay to dispose of their industrial waste.

The Council has even more measures in store for waste management in Eindhoven. Enforcement staff, for example, will soon have the authority to impose fines for illegally dumping waste at underground waste containers in the city. The fines will start at €100.

Moreover, in the winter months, green bins will no longer be emptied every two weeks, but once a month. This is the case in December, January, and February. The Eindhoven Municipality has noticed that green bins often remain empty in the winter.

The measures have yet to be approved by the Eindhoven Municipal Council. If that happens, the new rules will come into force in the course of 2020.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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