Airport: late flights in summer 2020

Photo credit: Marco de Gier / Studio040

Planes are still landing at Eindhoven Airport this summer after eleven in the evening. The airport reports this.

In the advisory report of the Van Geel committee, it was agreed that from the summer of 2020, it is no longer allowed to fly late at night. The report was produced with input from local residents, regional municipalities and environmental organizations, among others.

“Goal not feasible”

But that goal is not feasible, says Eindhoven Airport. “This aim turned out to be unrealistic within a too short period of time in which the airlines had to establish their international flight schedules. This process covers a longer period and is partly dependent on the availability of slots at the various international airports at which these airlines fly,” according to the regional airport.

Eindhoven Airport says agreements on take-off and landing times are well in advance. “These rights are legally determined at European level. The airport is not authorized to unilaterally withdraw these rights,” writes Eindhoven Airport.

The airport now reports that it is making every effort to ensure that there are no longer any late flights after the summer season of 2020.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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