Man commits suicide in police cell

Photo credit: (OmroepBrabant)

A man committed suicide in the police cells in Mathildelaan, Eindhoven on Sunday evening. The police have launched an investigation into how this happened.

The man was found in his cell early on Sunday evening. According to the police, attempts to resuscitate him failed. The man’s relatives have been informed. The police did not elaborate on why the man was being held. “We do not go into the person’s background. We never do this when there is a suicide, so certainly not in this case,” a police spokesperson says.

The police from Den Bosch has joined forces with the Zeeland-West-Brabant forensic investigative division to investigate the matter. “For the sake of objectivity, the investigation is being done by another district,” say the police.

Anyone who is locked in the police cells is searched. Their clothes are searched for items that could be used to harm themselves or others. Items that can be used for self-harm or arson, such as lighters, knives, belts, shoelaces are also not permitted.

Translator: Melinda Walraven

Source: OmroepBrabant

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