Watching swallows in Genneper Park

Photo credit: OmroepBrabant

You will find Genneper Park situated in the shadow of Eindhoven. This is an old farming neighbourhood where regional media outlet, Omroep Brabant’s, nature vlogger, Tim, this week portrayed the life of barn swallows.

“Although you see the modern buildings of Eindhoven in the background and you can still hear the cars driving in the city, it seems like you go back a hundred years in time, ” says Tim.

Historically, Genneper Park is a river valley where many barn swallows can be found. Genneper Hoeve is located in Genneper Park. This farm dates back to 1740 and is an ideal breeding ground for these birds.

Birds and pigs

“The barn swallows feed on insects. That is why they look for a farm or a place where many animals live. It is the reason you often see the barn swallows near pigs,” says Age Opdam, Genneper Hoeve’s owner. The swallows also find mud and straw at the Genneper Hoeve, with which to skillfully build their nests.

The barn swallows hunt acrobatically for their prey and catch insects in the air while in flight. They then fly to a stable on the farm. Here are eight to ten nests full of young offspring who are hungry for food. The parents fly about 400 times a day from the nest to the grasslands and back in search of food. “It is almost like a big chicken coop. It is really nice to see, ” says Tim.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Nicole Cullinan

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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