Neighborhood angry about ongoing demonstrations Pegida: ‘This is provoking’

Neighborhood angry about ongoing demonstrations Pegida: 'This is provoking'

“It has been enough. It is getting out of hand. This is affecting the neighborhood ‘, says a local resident from Kronehoef.

She is angry about the new announced demonstration of Pegida Netherlands at the Al-Fourqaan mosque in Woensel-Zuid. The anti-Islam movement has already announced a demonstration several times. One time this led to riots, the other times the mayor put a stop to it.

According to Edwin Wagensveld, foreman of Pegida Netherlands, it is not his club that starts violence. In his opinion, those are the Muslims who disagree with his views. “That group resorts to violence every time. We do not.’

They see it differently in the Kronehoef neighborhood. “Anyone can demonstrate, but come on, this is no longer demonstrating.” They are reactions from local residents who think that Pegida provokes, for example, by having a barbecue at the mosque.

The previous demonstration of the anti-Islam movement got out of hand. Cars and houses were damaged and that is why local residents have taken measures. “I make sure that I am not at home, I do not want to experience something like that again,” says a mother with a pram. “Safety is my priority, and that cannot be guaranteed this way.”

For the time being, the Pegida demonstration will continue on Saturday. And it will stay that way, until possibly an opposing message from Mayor Jorritsma follows.

Source: Studio040

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