Muslim organisation: “We will not call off counter-demonstration”

Muslim organisation, Oemmah, will not withdraw its request for a counter-demonstration at the Al-Fourqaan mosque. Not until they have a guarantee from the Eindhoven Municipality that anti-Islamic organisation, Pegida, may not demonstrate at the mosque.

“On Thursday, we had a telephone consultation with the Municipality of Eindhoven. We were asked if we want to withdraw the notice for a counter-demonstration since Pegida is not allowed to hold an anti-Islamic demonstration at the Al-Fourqaan mosque,” says Omar Abdullah of Muslim organisation, Oemmah.

“We indicated that we first want to receive an e-mail copy of the City Council’s decision. It must state that these extreme right-wing neo-Nazis are not allowed to demonstrate at the mosque. This would not be a problem. However, it first has to be discussed with the City Council’s legal department.”

The request for the anti-Islam demonstration is still being processed. Oemmah has not yet received the e-mail. The Muslim organisation has, therefore, decided they cannot call off a counter-protest. “The date on which they want to hold an anti-Islamic demonstration is irrelevant.” For every demonstration Pegida may hold in Eindhoven, Oemmah announced it would hold a major counter-demonstration.

Pegida can demonstrate

Oemmah agrees with the National Ombudsman, Reinier van Zutphen, that Pegida may demonstrate. “But with limitations. For example, a static demonstration in a park or field. Or on an abandoned industrial site surrounded by blinded high fences, without a sound system. In this way, mosque visitors, local residents, and passers-by are not hindered by the anti-Islamic demonstration.”

In a later report, the Islamic organisation calls on residents around the Al-Fourqaan mosque to prepare for the anti-Pegida demonstrations.

“We advise people not to park cars on Wezelstraat, Korenwolfstraat, and Otterstraat on the day of the demonstrations,” the organisation said. “You can park your cars in the surrounding streets.”

Oemmah also advises people to remove all loose and detached items in their gardens on the day of the anti-Pegida protests. “Try to stay calm on the day of the demonstration and not to use violence against the police. The police will never use violence against peaceful counter-protesters.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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