More than 12,000 sign to save the Muziekgebouw

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On Tuesday, at the Eindhoven City Hall, employees, musicians, and music lovers delivered a petition to the City Council to keep the Muziekgebouw.

In total, more than 12,000 signatures have been collected. With banners, violin music, and whistles they reinforced their statement to the Eindhoven politicians.

The Muziekgebouw has been suffering from financial deficits for years. According to the music institution, there have already been cutbacks, but the problems persist. “This action is intended to save the Muziekgebouw from destruction. For years we have been floundering. There cannot be cut even more”, Constance Deelen, of the Muziekgebouw, says.

Working group

A working group with people of the Muziekgebouw, Municipality, Brainport Development, and the province is now investigating what solution can be found for the deficit. “The coming weeks we must carefully consider what the possibilities are. I can not yet say what those are”, Councillor Monique List says.


The councillor, therefore, did not want to elaborate whether, for example, the programming at the Muziekgebouw could be more sober. The Muziekgebouw believes that option, in any case, is a ‘no go’. “That would mean we would get a narrow and less international programme. Then we would lose our regional function. Now we are still one of the four major concert halls of the Netherlands”, Deelen says.

But she sees more problems. “The sponsors would also not like that. They are drawn to our international programming. They can take that back to their connections and customers. With an additional cut, we cannot do that anymore”.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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