Hundreds of people assemble at Stadhuisplein to support Muziekgebouw

Hundreds of people assembled at Stadhuisplein this afternoon (Friday) to show support for Muziekgebouw, a venue for music and arts performances in Eindhoven’s city centre.

Whilst Muziekgebouw has experienced financial difficulties for several years, the municipality of Eindhoven is not willing to increase their subsidy. In response, protesters took their instruments to Stadshuisplein and played music loudly.


Call to action

The protest came in response to a call to action from Rob Schoonen, art editor of Eindhovens Dagblad, a Dutch-language news outlet in Eindhoven. In an article, Schoonen stated that it was time that Muziekgebouw’s visitors also stepped up to help rescue the venue. ‘Support the people at Muziekgebouw. Go and blow a horn on the Markt if necessary, but just do something,’ he wrote.

Muziekgebouw has struggled financially for a long time. There have been multiple plans to save the venue since 2012, but none have proved successful. Last week, the municipality of Eindhoven demanded that a clear plan be presented for the future of Muziekgebouw before the 1st of April. According to Schoonen, that plan is not yet in sight.

In total, around 300 people were present at the protest. During the protest, a petition with 5000 signatures was also handed over to a municipality official.



Translator: Rachael

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