House of Representatives not considering Airport talks

The fact that political parties in the House of Representatives are already calling for a stop to Eindhoven Airport’s growth does not take into account the discussions representatives from this airport are having with residents and regional municipalities. This is according to Eindhoven Councillor, Monique List.

According to List, a painstaking process is currently underway with all the organisations involved. From regional municipalities and Eindhoven Airport to local residents and environmental groups. Together, under the leadership of former Secretary of State, Pieter van Geel, they have been in consultation for months. They want to reach a joint recommendation about the growth of Eindhoven Airport. “A ‘growth’, as well as a ‘no-growth’ scenario, is included,” says the Councillor. “We are going ahead with the test case. We will have to wait to find out what the recommendation is.”


VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy) member, Tom Meylink, who is a councillor for the biggest party in Eindhoven, agrees. “I am surprised. Apparently, in the Hague, they are not aware of the good consultation process we are currently going through here. You have to give it a chance.”

Their coalition partner, GroenLinks, sees it differently. They welcome the House of Representatives’ majority’s position. Party President, Rik Thijs: “Growth puts a whole lot of pressure on local residents, with lots of fine dust and noise pollution. I am glad that this is now being heard in the Hague.”

‘More rail transport’

If it were up to GroenLinks, the regional airport would not grow in the long term either. “We will only support it if the growth is accompanied by lower CO2 emissions and less fine dust and noise pollution. But that will not happen over the next ten years. We must look at aviation differently, and focus more on rail transport,” Thijs says. Growth also has little added value, economically, he says. “I do not know what eight or nine flights a day to Greece contribute to the economic development of Brainport”.

The VVD is far less stringent. Meylink: “We are not against growth, as long as this does not cause more inconvenience to local residents”.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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