Various accidents during the weekend

During the past weekend, several accidents made local headlines. Two girls got injured in an accident along the Eisenhowerlaan in Eindhoven.

This accident happened Sunday evening. The two girls were on a scooter. A driver of a motorbike, driving too fast, forgot to give way. One of the girls had to be taken to hospital.

Another accident resulted in a moped driver getting injured. He was hit by a car. His injuries were treated inside an ambulance, once it arrived at the spot. According to witnesses, the car driver was blinded by the sun, while the moped had right of way.

Drink-driver hits house and lamppost

Earlier during the weekend, at Eindhoven, a drink-driver managed to drive his car into a house and then hit a lamppost. Police mentioned the accident on its Face-book page.

The driver presumed he was still able to drive home, despite an evening out drinking. His presumptions not only endangered himself. Friends shared the drive in his car.

After losing control and hitting the house and then the lamp-post, the driver ended up in hospital. There, he was not only checked for injuries. A blood sample was also taken, to determine how much alcohol he had drunk.

Those who accompanied him during the adventurous drive, escaped unhurt; just frightened.

The incident did not end with police blocking the road for all traffic. Another driver decided to ignore this police blockade.

This driver collided with the ambulance, parked at the scene to transport the injured drink-driver to hospital. Transport to hospital was delayed, but nobody was injured.

Source: Studio 040

Accident Eisenhouwerlaan
Moped accident
Car hits house and lamppost

Translator: Kate

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