Mayor: “Politicians must stick to austerity budget”

Eindhoven’s mayor Jorritsma called on the city council to stick to its austerity budget and plans. Even if this leads to protests.

Jorritsma delivered his speech at the Muziekgebouw Saturday evening. His New Year’s speech was held prior to the traditional New Year’s concert of the Philharmonie Zuid-Nederland.

Mayor Jorritsma mentioned the enormous growth of the economy in this region. He acknowledged not everybody benefits from such a growth.

“I experience it during my visits in the districts, neighbourhoods and institutions”, he said. “Social problems, lack of affordable housing, debts, nuisance, domestic violence, drug problems and yes, crime! There is still a lot to do for the municipality. The city council, the college and I as your mayor, are very aware of this.”

The mayor also mentioned the municipality’s financial problems. Hard choices must be made. When such choices are implemented, politicians must be firm.

“Last year, especially in the social domain, we were forced to take substantial measures that will be noticeable in the city this year. Council and college members will be criticised for this by residents, but ladies and gentlemen, it has to be done. We have to make an effort in the interest of the future of our city, its inhabitants, in other words, you!” said Jorritsma.

Monday, Jorritsma delivered another speech at the New Year’s meeting of Eindhoven’s municipality. It is not clear if the mayor referred to possible Dutch “gillets jaunes” protests against austerity cuts.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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