Group of youths a nuisance in Mierlo?

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Local residents have had it with a group of youths hanging around in Mierlo. Residents in the town-centre think the municipality does not take enough action about problems caused by this group.

The group especially cause problems around the Molen and public library area. For years, the group’s behaviour has led to complaints.  Residents complain about acts of vandalism and other nuisances. Behaviour ranges from smashing windows, puncturing tires of cars and bicycles, littering rubbish, leaving behind drug waste near playgrounds and worse.

Local residents have now completely had it with this behaviour. What does not help: problems do not just occur during the day.

“We are often awakened during the night, by loud bangs and other disturbances” states a local resident. Mierlo residents are not scared, but not everybody is willing to complain or say something. “You may talk to those youths, but they are totally indifferent. They respond by swearing and making threats.”

Residents also state the municipality should do more against this kind of behaviour.  “Increase surveillance by hanging more cameras where these youngsters hang out,” says local resident Theo Swinkels.

Last Friday, the place where Mr. Swinkels takes his breaks was burned down by a group of youths.These had put two discarded Christmas trees against the shed and lighted them. The shed can no longer be used due to smoke-damage. Mr. Swinkels adds: “This is a shame. The municipality must do more.”

Shopkeepers around the area claim they don’t notice any nuisance. They state they are not afraid their shops will be damaged. “I think there is not enough to do for these youngsters”, one shopkeeper responds. “I also think that a large proportion of the youths are actually not from Mierlo,” adds Vera Goede of hairdresser’s Ben Goede Kappers.

Monday, the municipality had not yet responded to questions. Eindhoven municipality’s website offers various ways to report different kinds of nuisance. Read more here: Eindhoven

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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