New campaign against teen prostitution

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A campaign to combat teen prostition kicks off this evening in Eindhoven. Punters will now be asked to actively report teen prostitutes. A change in approach is the core of the latest campaign to combat teen prostitution.

Unfortunately, it is not without cause this campaign starts in Eindhoven. According to WATCH, the contact point for sexual exploitation, about 20 percent of all cases of teen prostitution reported during the past five years, occurred in this part of Brabant.

“This is a border region, near Belgium. Our southern neighbours have less strict rules on teen prostitution. Children may be recruited here and end up working in Belgium”, says Jos de Voogd of WATCH Nederland.

WATCH states, clients of prostitutes should no longer turn a blind eye. When they suspect abuse, they should contact WATCH. Especially, when they think they witness forced sex, or an encounter may involve underage girls or boys.

De Voogd: “It is unique. We now focus on clients by using banners. If clients report problems, we and the police can solve more cases.”

According to De Voogd, punters can report cases and concerns anonymously. “This is also important. Police still registers clients and opens criminal files. This prevents many from reporting. We register anonymously and then tackle issues. We can research and check information; then hand over information to police. Reporting abuse is absolutely necessary! Victims – often teenage girls – usually live in isolation. Their only contact with the outside world is often through punters.”

In recent years, 400 reports were received by WATCH Nederland. These reports ultimatley led to 116 cases.

Source: Studio 040


Translator: Kate


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