MMC uses surgical robot in some operations

Photo credit: Studio040/Thijs van Listenburg

Patients with prostate cancer have had special surgery at the Máxima Medisch Centrum (MMC). Some operations are “special” because a surgical robot is used. 

This special robot has four mechanical arms. A doctor operates these arms. He or she performs an operation using a 3D image which is enlarged ten to twenty times.

Why use a surgical robot?

The surgical robot accurately translates movements of a doctor’s fingers. It also filters out any vibrations. The robot can reach areas that a doctor cannot easily reach during keyhole surgery.

Using the special robot may also save tissue. The robot is not just used for prostrate operations. It may be used during preliminary operations in the fields of urology, gynaecology and surgery.

The MMC is the only hospital in the region of south-east Brabant, which performs prostate operations using a surgical robot. Until recently, patients had to travel to hospitals outside the Eindhoven region.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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