Ryanair fires sixteen cabin crew members

Dutch media report sixteen of Ryanair’s cabin crew based at Eindhoven have been fired.

Dutch NOS reports this on its website, citing Dutch union FNV. It seems only cabin crew members who were still in their trial period were fired. Ryanair applies Irish labour laws. Contrary to Dutch labour laws, Irish trial periods may last as long as a year.

As reported, Ryanair closed its base at Eindhoven Airport today, despite a Dutch court ruling preventing the company from doing so. At the moment, planes and crew do not depart from Eindhoven Airport for first flights of the day.

Over half of Ryanair’s Eindhoven based cabin crew have been assigned to other airports. About half of the total number based at Eindhoven refuses to relocate to airports elsewhere. The other half have agreed; but explicitly stated they do so under protest.

Dutch union FNV has started court procedures against forced relocations. The union also demands Ryanair complies with Dutch labour law. It is less flexible than Irish labour laws.

NOS reports, the Dutch judge ruling last week, specifically mentioned Ryanair changes conditions in labour contracts, by forcing staff to relocate to airports elsewhere in Europe.

The judge also specifically stated in last week’s ruling: “it seems the decision [to close the base at Eindhoven Airport] was taken as a sanction in response to previous strikes.”

According to pilots’ union VNV, the judge ruled pilots were not to be forced to relocate. Nevertheless, Ryanair scheduled all pilots to fly from airports including Sofia and Marrakech.

VNV stated, all pilots want to fly for the company including first flights of the day, but from Eindhoven Airport. This union will only start new legal procedures when there are new developments, or when Ryanair refuses to pay pilots’ salaries.

Source: NOS

Translator: Kate

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