City Hall revamp to start this year

Image credit: Eindhoven City Council/Studio040

The Eindhoven City Hall will be remodelled from the end of this year. This was announced by the Municipality.

The reason for the renovation is to make the Council’s buildings much more sustainable. The Town Hall has to go from a non-green energy label G to the highly efficient label A. This is to be achieved with, among other things, solar panels, good insulation, and the reuse of materials.

There is also space for greenery on the roof, and there is water storage so that water can be stored in case of flooding. In addition, all the asbestos in the building is being removed. Furthermore, the Municipality wants to house the Residents Plaza’ and the City Council in one building.

The Residents’ Plaza, where citizens come for, among other things, their passports, will thus move to the City Hall. This new location will be available to residents in 2020. The entrance will then be in the Town Hall tower.

Meanwhile, all licenses are ready, and all preparations are done for the renovation to start next month. The City Council will temporarily move to new premises in the Christmas holidays. Six months later, the Mayor and Councillors will be able to return to the City Hall. While the work is being done, the council meetings in the Town Hall will continue.

According to the ED, a Dutch local daily newspaper, the rebuilding will cost between EUR10 million and  EUR12 million. The City Office, where officials and the Residents’ Plaza are now located, will become vacant in 2020 and has since been sold to a real estate company.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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