Dutch Frikandel Haute Cuisine?

Photo credit: Studio040

As expat, you may already have tried or been offered Dutch “kroket” or “bitterballen“. But have you tried Dutch “frikandel” yet?

This Dutch snack must shed its bad image as unhealthy fast-food. A contest should give this snack more cachet; perhaps turn it into “haute cuisine“.

At least, this is the aim of Eindhoven’s “Frikandel Contest”. The contest takes place this very evening (Monday 22nd of October), at the Beerze brewery in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven News mentioned last year’s contest. Now, during Dutch Design Week, participants will try creating something truly mind-blowing, extraordinary, impressive – using this humble Dutch snack.

Beerze wants to use this competition to give the Dutch frikandel more prestige. Options which contenders might use, include presenting the snack with different “dressings”. Such dressings will influence the way this snack tastes. Another option is preparing and serving this Dutch fast-food in various ways.

A jury will decide who wins this year’s “Frikandel Award”. Criteria include taste, presentation and interpretation of the theme. Participants must also explain their work and come up with a catchy title.

This year’s theme is ‘Time’.
Last year, first prize went to a rocket tower of frikandel.

Source: Studio 040

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