TU/E demands more money

TU/E demands an extra 50 million euros from the Dutch government. The money is needed to keep up with the enormous popularity and growth of the university.

A TU/E spokesperson confirmed the extra money had been asked for. The university will have to take special measures to limit the number of students for four studies again, for next year. This educational year, the university already introduced a strict selection procedure for four studies. The measure limits the increase in  students signing up for these subjects.

Stretched to the limit

According to the university, the maximum number of students has been reached. If nothing is done, the quality of education will suffer severely.

The measures are extremely problematic for the Eindhoven high-tech region. Companies are clamoring for engineers and professionals with a technical background.

Explosive increase

The TU/E now calls for more money: an extra 50 million euros on top of the 200 million that the university receives annually from the Dutch government “in The Hague”.

For its number of students has doubled within ten years to approximately 14,000. Yet facilities and the number of employees did not keep pace with this explosive increase. This is now causing problems.

Future studies affected by the TU/E’s special measures are Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Psychology, and Technology & Construction. The selection procedure is already in place for Industrial Design, Technical Information, Bio-medical Technology and Technical Business Administration.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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