Regional ambulance staff take action

From today (Monday) ambulance staff are taking action – punctuality actions – to reduce work pressure and improve salaries. The actions by ambulance staff started in Helmond.

According to Dutch FNV union, staff now work overtime far too often; while breaks are sometimes skipped. This is why punctuality actions are now taken. Such actions mean ambulance employees will now strictly follow all rules, stipulations and agreements mentioned in the collective labour agreement.

“They will not work overtime, will not carry out extra tasks, or run unnecessary risks while providing care and will take all the prescribed breaks” stated Fred Seifert, director of FNV Zorg & Welzijn.

Seifert: “Better work conditions and decent working agreements are now very much needed in ambulance-care. These will keep this sector attractive to new colleagues. These will also prevent experienced employees from leaving. At the moment, many regions already experience difficulties in completing work schedules and meet the required level of preparedness. This is why employers really need to come up with a solution now. Doing nothing is no option and irresponsible”.

Seven regions join the punctuality actions, including the Brabant-Zuidoost Municipal Health Service. Last week, the regional GGD (Municipal Health Services) already sounded the alarm about a shortage of nurses on ambulances. The shortage results in staff working long days and overtime.

So far, employer Ambulancezorg Nederland has refused to meet the requirements of the FNV. The punctuality actions are set to last two weeks.

Source: Studio 040
Translator: Kate

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