Nuon Solar Team member Overes skidded

Pauline Overes (22), one of the drivers of the Nuon Solar Team, skidded with the team’s solar car, Saturday.

The Eindhoven driver reacted quickly, when she suddenly had to brake in front of a car. This happened during the first stage of the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa.

She managed to drive the solar vehicle safely onto a hard shoulder. The TU Delft student team lost their lead, however. Nevertheless, the Solar Car Nuna9S did complete the first stage successfully.

Overes is relieved: “Because of the shock, I braked too hard too suddenly. The tires lost their grip. Fortunately, the other two drivers and I are professionally trained for this kind of situations. So I managed to safely steer Nuna onto the hard shoulder’.

Sasol Solar Challenge

The Sasol Solar Challenge is an international race for solar cars. The race started Saturday in Pretoria. From the South African capital, a 265-kilometer-long route has to be completed. The race finishes at Kroonstad.

The cars will reach Kroonstad on 30 September. Saturday’s lap was about 75 kilometers long. This race revolves around which solar car completes the most kilometers within a certain time.

Source: Studio 040
Translator: Kate

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